1 day in Brussels

A full day and itinerary of the best things to do in brussels in one day, including free walking tours, belgian beer, waffles, fries


This 1 day in Brussels guide takes you to everything you need to see. Brussels is a lovely city (or town?). Being the capital of Europe you would expect to need a lot of time in this city, but honestly, with 1 day you get to see the major sites and eat and drink deliciously!


So what can you do in a day? Of course, like always, I suggest starting early. Follow this list and print the “Brussel’s bucket list” at the end of this post.


This 1-day itinerary is great for:

-Solo travelers   – Small groups
– Budget Friendly  -Long Layovers

1. Start your day with breakfast

Forget your hotel or hostel free breakfast, or even all you can eat breakfast!. There is no better way than to get some awesome Belgian waffles! Start walking in almost any direction to find them!


Delicious Belgian Waffles available almost anywhere in Brussels, Chocolate dessert and perfect breakfast

and honestly, you can eat them at any time! (screenshot from snapchat very late at night)

Belgian waffles are amazing at any time in the day or night!

2. If you like Audrey Hepburn just as much as I do, you can go to her birthplace!

Yes, she was born in Brussels, and there is a plaque right outside her once home, just thinking that she ran around and played as a kid on this street makes me happy.

Audrey Hepburn Birthplace, beautiful comedian honored by the plaque placed on her birthplace in Brussels Belgium



3. Free walking tour

This walking tour would take you to all the spots you need to go in Brussels. And the history is great!, You could do the spots by yourself, but highly recommend the tour instead. It’ll take anywhere from 2.5 to 3 hours.

Palace in Brussels Belgium, one of the spots you'll see in a walking tour


4. Spot the comic book strips and walls

You can do this throughout the day, or take a walking tour that goes over the whole history of comic strips. The birthplace of Tin-Tin!


5. Find the peeing statues

Yes, there is 3 statues around the city. The most famous one and included in the walking tour is the Manneken Pis. But you can also find a girl and a dog. Which I want to think is the girlfriend and their fur baby!

Manneken Pis, and the two other peeing statues can be found in Brussels, Belgium


6. Forget real sit-down food, get fries!

Fritland. Delicious fries. Try Andalus sauce or mayonnaise; this mayonnaise is not like American mayonnaise; it has some spices and other things. What I did, was ask to have half and half the sauces! Boom delicious flavor.


Belgian fries are by far the best fries you can eat ever


7. Atonium

The Atonium is the symbol of the city, and it’s quite the structure. I did this first, but I’d recommend to do it later as the sun was rising, and you couldn’t see the city in much detail. The later you go, the sun won’t be in the background. You can also go at night and see the beautiful structure light up.

Antonium in Brussels, Magnificent structure located in Brussels Belgium


7.1 Be. Bonus !

Be. Welcome sign is right outside atonium! And like I said, my lighting was terrible because I was backlit by the sun, so, unfortunately, I do not have a picture of me there.


8. Delirium cafe

Is time for some delicious beer! And this is just the place to do so. Delirium cafe has 2,400 beers available! Isn’t that crazy!. Well, I got to try a couple of them. And either you could read my post on Belgian beers or you can venture and try yourself!.

Just a couple of the best belgian beers that you need to try, available at delirium cafe in brussels


Have fun in Brussels!


Print the Bucket List and let me know when you complete it!

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  1. I had no idea that Audrey Hepburn was born there! That is so cool. I love all of the old buildings and statues that you can find when you wander around old cities like that. I really enjoyed my last visit to Europe and would love to visit Brussels one day. I will have to pin this bucket list for it.

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