2 days in Amsterdam

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2 day itinerary of what to do in amsterdam, rent bikes, canals tours and more.



I loved, loved, loved Amsterdam, and it’s most definitely a place that should be added to your bucket list if it’s not already. Make sure to print the Netherlands bucket list at the bottom of this post!.


Amsterdam is famous for having more bikes than people, beautiful canals, their red light district, and weed.


First of all, see where you are staying and figure if it’s worth buying a day-pass if you will be riding around Amsterdam or not. A good way of know if you are is if you’re staying close to the DAM. If so, it means that you’ll be walking more than using the tram. If you’re 20 min or more walking from the DAM, maybe you want to consider a day pass.


If you opt for this, there are two types that you may be interested. The all around Amsterdam, that costs €21 for and includes trains, buses, and trams, or €12 day pass that is available when you enter the tram.


When riding the tram, please note two important things:

→ You need to check in and check out every time you use it

→ There is specific doors for entering and specific for the exit. They’ll get mad if you get in the wrong one.


Here is the list of things that you should do, and in this order is the best way and times to do them.


Also crucial to make the distinction between cafe, coffee bar, and coffee shop.

At the cafe you buy beer, at coffee bar you buy coffee, coffeeshop you buy weed.

DAY 1:
1. Visit the I amsterdam sign

If you go early, you won’t get a crowd. I mean 8 am you won’t regret it.

It is possible to take a picture in the I amsterdam sign without people around!

2. Walk around the canals and find a Dutch pancake shop

You cannot miss the pancakes! I’ve never had some like these before. I tried the apple and cheese. Yup, cheese.


3. Do the free walking tour

This walking tour is fantastic. I did it with Jeremiah, who is originally from San Francisco, and he knows his stuff! Highly recommend as he will take you to all the places you need to know, let you try cheese and give you useful guidance in general.


4. Go to the Cheese Museum

Close to the final stop from the walking tour, there is the cheese museum, go in, eat a bunch of samples, and head downstairs to the free museum, and play with the photo booth!

A super fun hidden gem, is the photo booth inside the cheese museum

5. Visit Anne Frank’s museum

Ok, Anne Frank’s house is one if not the most popular attraction. Meaning, long lines. The entry works in two ways, either you get an online ticket with a time slot between 10 am and 3 pm. Or you can make line and buy a ticket on the spot between 3:30 pm and 8 pm. If you weren’t lucky enough to get an online ticket, I’d recommend starting making line around 2:30 pm. The entry doesn’t start until 3:30, but even getting there an hour earlier, in the winter, I didn’t go in until almost 4:30. And the line behind me was brutal.

The original bookshelf that lead to the secret annex

6. Distract yourself and have dinner or walk around

To be quite honest, it pretty shocking to go through the house, and if you’ve read the book, you most definitely need some time to rest your mind. At least I did, I teared up as I walked by the house. And I could not start my night or have any other fun without resting for some time, so try to enjoy dinner.


7. Visit the prostitution museum

Quite a bit of a different museum, but is worth it! Go with an open mind and learn a lot from it. Have fun taking pictures!

You get a chance to be in the other side of the windows in the red light district in amsterdam! visit the prostitution museum

8. Walk around red light district

Now that you know everything about the profession walk around!

The famous red light district in amsterdam


9. Finish your day in a cafe or coffeeshop

Because you deserve it.

Day 2:
1. Visit the Van Gogh Museum

I didn’t get to do this, after being 7 days traveling I needed to catch up on some sleep. But you have plenty of time to do so, as it’s an average of 1.5 hours spent on the museum.


2. Take a tour to see a Netherland village and windmills

I used Gray Line for this tour, pretty much the only thing they do is get you to a little town 30 minutes away called Zaanse Schans. Departing from in front of the Victoria Hotel, near the central station.

Zaanse Schans is a beautiful village in the netherlands 30 minutes away from amsterdam

In this town, you get to learn about how the clogs are made! Pretty fantastic, go for beautiful walks, go inside of the windmills, try some stroopwafels, and more cheese!.


3. Take a canal cruise

The bus comes back to exactly where you grabbed it, and it’s perfect to catch a canal cruise right there. You’ll be offered multiples, from tours, or your hotel/hostel, but I just took the cheapest I found. And it was quite great.

Canal cruise through amsterdam to have another beautiful view of the city and spectacular architecture


4. Rent a bike

Wander through the city and the canals! is the best way to see it. There are few rental places; green bikes had a selection of them.


Make sure you get to do all the amazing to do in the netherlands in a short time.


Print this bucket list !

Amsterdam Bucket list, things to do in amsterdam, canal cruises, bike rental, anne frank house, and more



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  1. I have to go to Amsterdam every few months for work but sadly I haven’t been able to see it during the day as I’ve been stuck in an office the whole day! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to go and actually SEE the place 😀

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