3 best destinations for a day-trip from London

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The best destinations just outside of london for a day trip.


If you’re tired of the city, wanting to go on a day trip, or still wanting to go sightseeing while having an “easy day” with not that much walking. This one is a great one!



Guaranteed to a minimum of £10 discount. (Keep reading)

This 1-day itinerary is great for:

-Solo travelers   – Small groups
– Budget Friendly  -Long Layovers

Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath


I bought my ticket with the tour Golden Tours by Grey Line. Unfortunately, the experience I had with the British in general was not nice. They were not helpful and would not have complete information. This is why I’m making this post, as I had to figure everything out because I felt uncomfortable asking questions about the day trip options as they seemed to be more in a rush of getting rid of me, regardless if I was buying or not.


Departing from Colonnade Walk, which is located right in front of Victoria Coach Station. The time scheduled for departure is 8:45 am, and you’re asked to show up at 8:30.


There are two buses (or coaches) that do the same route, one of them is English only, and the other is Spanish/English.  I went to the Spanish/English just because the tour guide looked a lot cooler, and that makes a lot of difference. And I wasn’t wrong, my tour guide’s name is Saul, he has a great guide voice in Spanish, almost radio like, full of great facts and to be honest, great fashion style too. His English is pretty good, so I’d recommend him for it as well.


The tour


The itinerary varies on time depending on traffic. But the stops are in this order and with this estimated times.

30-minute ride to Windsor Castle

1:20-hour ride to Stonehenge

40-minute ride to Bath

2:30-hour ride back to London


See this tour and others here


The total time of your day is based on traffic, but a ballpark time is from 8:45 am to 7:45 pm. This is due to the law not allowing the driver to exceed a certain amount of hours. So you’ll be lucky if there is little to no traffic so that you can spend more time on the sites. I went on a Sunday and the average time per site was 1:30 hours.


So 4:30 hours of sights and 5 hours of sitting on a bus.


What is included on your ticket?

→ Entry to Windsor Castle and audio guide (valued at £20)

→ Lunch (vegetarian sub from subway, with chips (aka crisps), a cookie and water) (roughly £7)

→ Entry to Stonehenge and audio guide (valued at £15.50 + £3 audio guide)

→ Entry to Roman Baths and audio guide (valued at £15.50)


The total for entries by yourself would be £61. So paying £84.50 for the whole tour and getting some sleep on the bus. What I think is worth it.



The stops
Windsor Castle

This is the Queen’s summer home; she spends the majority of July and August here. And you can spend around 1:30 hours here. Just enough time to tour the apartment and Queen’s fashion displays, free audio guides are provided.

You’re provided lunch when you get back on the bus.

Windsor Castle, The summer house of Queen Elizabeth II, in England UK



You’ll be dropped off close by the entrance, and take a small bus to ride about 2 miles to where the stones are located. You’ll spend a little over an hour here; there is also an exhibition you can visit, I was so into admiring the stones that my time ran out, so didn’t get a chance to look at the exhibit. Free audio guides are provided.

Stonehenge, a short day trip from London




You’re taken to visit the Roman baths, and you’re given about 1:30 hours. However, I wanted to explore a bit, so I rushed through the Roman baths, saw them, drank from them and spent no more than 20 minutes there. Instead, I went to the first royal crescent, walked and saw the beautiful bridges, and entered the Abbey.

Roman Baths in Bath, England, UK


Hopefully, this information is good and enough for you to decide if you want to make this trip and if it’s valuable for you!


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Guaranteed to a minimum of £10 discount.

Send me an email for details!


Happy travels!

Windsor castle is the Queen's summer home, and it's available for you to visit, including an amazing exhibit of the Queen's garments.
Bath is a lovely town a short drive away from London famous by it's thermal roman baths and spas
With a short trip from London, Stonehenge offers a beautiful and impressive demonstration of history.

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  1. When I saw the picture of the castle, I literally said out loud, “Oh my gosh, that’s gorgeous!” Although I’ve been to London, I haven’t been to Windsor Castle. Definitely putting that on my list for the next time I go!

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