My name is Isi (pronounce it something like e-see). I’m a marketer and graphic designer by paper, event planner wannabe and recent blogger. I see myself as a 4 x 4 truck (office & field), content consumer, restless, perfectionist and shower singer. You’ll find me craving for new projects or events to keep me busy.


During the week (most weeks anyways), I’m in Dallas, Texas. Working full-time for Fossil Group, freelancing graphic design and social media plans, and going to grad-school for Visual Communications at Texas A&M Commerce.


During the weekends, catch me if you can!. I try to be out of town as much as I can, and if I am in town, I try to find different gatherings and events to attend.


I started “Isi Does It” as my little girl’s guide to the world. See, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my mentors, my family, friend and people that have influenced me. So if I can help you in anything or I can share something new to you, I will be more than happy! I only want to help and if I can inspire you.


I would love to talk to you if I can help with anything, feel free to contact me in English or Spanish!