Bucket List

This page is all about marking off all the things that I want to accomplish! Join me in this journey, give me ideas of things to do or see and/or share your bucket list with me on twitter @isidoesit_ #isidoesit !

The truth is, I never have really had a written bucket list and I decided that it was about time! I truly believe that writing a list of things that you want to accomplish will make you visualize it better and remember! Also motivate you to keep crossing things off.

I know the list is long and may or may not be achievable, but I’m for sure going to try.

*** This page is in constant construction. More things will be added as I find new things I want to do or places I want to visit.


America (North, Central, South) and Caribbean:

→ Canada

→ Belize

→ Guatemala

→ Honduras

→ El Salvador

→ Nicaragua

Costa Rica  (August 2016)

Cayman Island  (September 2014)

→ The Bahamas

Jamaica (September 2014)

→ Dominican Republic

→ Puerto Rico

→ Cuba

→ Galapagos Island, Ecuador

→ Argentina

→ Brazil

→ Panama

Colombia (April 2016)

Peru (May 2016)

→ Venezuela

→ Bolivia

→ Chile

→ Aruba


Iceland (September 2016)

Ireland (June 2016)

 UK (January 2017)

→ Norway

→ Sweden

→ Denmark

→ Poland

→ Germany

France (December 2016)

Belgium (January 2017)

Netherlands (January 2017)

→ Italy

→ Spain

→ Portugal

→ Greece

→ Switzerland

→ Czcech Republic



→ India

→ Japan

→ China

→ Philippines

→ Thailand

→ Malaysia

→ Indonesia

→ Taiwan

→ Laos

→ Bangladesh


→ Egypt

→ Cambodia

→ Nigeria

→ South Africa

→ Botswana

→ Madagascar

→ Kenya

→ Ethiopia

→ Morocco

→ Congo


→ New Zealand

→ Australia

→ Fiji


Wonders of the World (and other things):

Chichen-itza (When I was a kid)

Machu Picchu (May 2016)

→ Taj Mahal

→ Great Wall of China

→ Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

→ Colosseum Rome

→ Christ the Redeemer Brazil

→ Petra, Jordania

Stonehenge (January 2017)

→ Seus Olympus

Eiffel Tower Paris (December 2017)

→ Sacred Family Cathedral Spain

Louvre Paris (December 2017)

BigBen London (January 2017)

→ Sydney Opera House

Unique beaches:

Black Sand Beaches, Iceland  (September 2016)

→ Glass Beach, California

→ Bioluminecense Beach, Maldives

→ Red Beach, Greece

→ Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

→ Pink Sand Beach, Indonesia

→ Karaikal Beach, India

→ Maho Beach, Saint Martin

→ Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

→ Shell Beach, Australia

→ Flamingo beach, Aruba

→ Hotbox beach (stars), Mexico



See Northern Lights (Iceland, September 2016)

→ See Southern Lights

→ See or be in Flashmob


Specific to places:

→ Skinny dip in the world’s largest pool (Chile)

→ Ride a Camel in Egypt or Dubai

→ Chinese New Year in China

Relax in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland (September 2016)

→ Samurai Festival in Japan

→ Holi Festival in India

→ La Tomatina Spain

→ Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

→ Ride gondola in Venice, Italy

Visit a castle in Ireland (June 2016)

→ Add a lock to the love lock bridge in Paris

→ Visit the Vatican

→ Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

→ Nazca lines in Peru from a helicopter

→ Rainbow mountains in Peru

→ Octoberfest in Munich

→ Swing on the edge from the treehouse in Ecuador

→ Get a view from a plane of Mount Everest

→ See the moonlight reflection across mountains

→ Swim in the suspended pool between two buildings in London

→ Walk the Glass trail in China

Boat ride in titicaca lake (highest in the world) (May 2016)

→ Alpine Slide in Kandersteg, Switzerland

→ Slide on Lynn Canyon Park British Columbia, Canada

→ Glowworm caves in New Zealand


→ Go skiing

→ Go Surfing

→ Visit a nude beach

Cliff Diving 

Jump from a waterfall (Huasteca Potosina, Mexico, July 2016)

Skydiving (Greenville, TX, US, June 2015)

Go Scuba Diving (Cayman Island, 2014)

→ Ride in a hot air balloon

→ Go on a Safari

→ Hitchhike

→ Parasailing

→ Get a Henna Tattoo

Go on a Cruise (September 2014)

go zip-lining (Arenal, Costa Rica, August 2016)

→ Go Rock-climbing

Rappel (Huasteca Potosina, MX July 2016)

River Rafting (Huasteca Potosina, MX July 2016 and Costa Rica 2016)

→ Ride in a helicopter

Walk behind a waterfall (Iceland, September 2016)

→ Go glaciar hiking

→ Go backpacking for at least a month

→ Learn to fly a plane

→ Have a mud fight

→ Bungee Jumping

Natural Hot Springs/River  (Costa Rica 2016, Iceland 2016)

Swim in a Cenote (Cancun, MX 2012, 2014)

→ Dinner in a Sky Restaurant

→ Jump from a bridge (not suicidal)


→ Stay at an ice hotel

→ Stay in a bubble (to see northern lights)

→ Sleep in a treehouse

→ Sleep in a teepee

→ Stay in an underwater hotel

Sleep in a Castle (Ireland, 2016)

→ Somewhere incrusted on a cliff

→ Giraffe Manor (Kenya)

→ Capsule Hotel (Japan)

→ Free Sprit Spheres (Canada)

→ Tubes in Tepoztlan, Mexico


→ Catch a last minute flight to a random destination

Watch a movie in a drive-in (July 2014)

→ Go strawberry picking

→ Catch Fireflies

→ Go to prom

→ Stomp on grapes to make wine

→ Watch a meteor shower

→ RoadTrip with no destination




Mexico City (August 2007)

→ Guadalajara

→ Guanajuato

→  Queretaro

→  Zacatecas

→  Real de Catorce (November 2006)

→  San Miguel de Allende


→ Explore the ruins of Tulum

→ Scuba dive the MUSA (Underwater museum)

→ Termas de San Joaquin (Hot Springs)

Go to Teotihuacan (2011)

Get on a traditional boat in Xochimilco (2011)

→ Go up the Independence Angel

→  Go to the Copper Cliffs

→  Go to the nightclub “Mina” in Zacatecas

→  “Las Coloradas” Yucatan

→  Xilitla in San Luis Potosi (July 2016)

→  Tren Chepe in Chihuahua

→  Tolantongo Hidalgo

→ Marieta Island secret beach

→ Adventure Park in Chihuahua

→ Go to Nevado de Toluca during winter

→ Swim in “Hierve el Agua” Oaxaca

Go to the “Chapultepec Castle” (2011)

→ Zipline in Chihuahua (longest zipline in the world)

→ Go to the “Firefly Sanctuary” in Tlaxcala





San Antonio

LA (March 2015)

→  San Diego

→  San Francisco (February 2016, April 2016, Sep 2016)

→  Napa/Sonoma (April 2016)

→ Portland

→ Seattle

→  Montana

Chicago (March 2013)

New York (March 2013)

Boston (March 2013)

Salem (March 2013)

→  Washington

→  Philadelphia

→  Orlando (July 2015)

→  Miami (September 2015)

Tampa (August 2014)

→  Atlanta

→  New Orleans (July 2013)


→ Road trip California’s Route 1

→ Road trip Route 66

Go to Disney (Disneyland March 2015, Disneyworld July 2015)

Drive across Golden Gate Bridge (February 2016)

→ Attend SXSW in Austin

→ Watch a Cowboys game in At&t stadium

Have deep dish pizza in Chicago (March 2013)

→ Montana Colored Pebbles Lake

Go to Mardi Grass in New Orleans (2014)

→ Stairway to heaven in Hawaii, US

→ New Years Eve in New York

Have breakfast at Tiffany’s (March 2013)

Broadway show in NY (March 2015)

Stand on the glass balcony of Willis Tower in Chicago (March 2013)

→ Walk the Brooklyn bridge

→ Ride a double decker bus (NY, March 2015)

National Parks:

Personal doings:

Go vegetarian (January 2014)

→ Go Vegan

→ Write a book

→ Put together an art exhibit with my artwork

→ Buy a house

→ Inspire someone

→ Volunteer in another country

→ Get Scuba Dive certified

→ Learn sign language

→ Create a family secret recipe

Rescue a pet (Lulu 2015)

Have a new year’s kiss (2015-2016)

→ Be a bridesmaid

→ Have my last first kiss

→ Say “I do”

→ Learn to dance tango

Take burlesque lessons (Dallas, TX)