How Grammarly Has Changed My Writing Game

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Grammarly has come to be a tool for everyday use, helps with all things in english, grammar, commas, elevating words and a must for my professional tasks.


To be honest, and if you have read me before, I’m not the best at writing. I don’t want to blame it on the language barrier, but a bit of it is. Being from Mexico, and having moved to the US in 2012, at 20 years old. My grammar was (or is still) not the best.


As some of you know (or you may want to know) from my about me page. I assisted a very demanding MFA program, and the hardest part of all was writing my thesis paper. Expected to do write scholarly correct, with perfect grammar. The beginning stages of my thesis were getting expensive due to having to send them to get them proof-read professionally. And then I discovered Grammarly.


OH, MY GOD! Grammarly.

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It has probably saved me a few hundred bucks from professional proof-readers for basic proofing. I am not saying you shouldn’t reach for a professional for editing something more intense like a book.


If you do or fit into any of the following, I highly recommend exploring Grammarly.

→ Write papers for school

→ Write blog posts

→ Teachers/Professors (to check your student’s papers)

→ Online editor

→ Freelance (any business)

→ Entrepreneur

→ Researcher

→ Online dating! (I will pass on profiles that are not written right)

→ Active on Social Media and care about your spelling (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc)

→ Anything that involves decent writing

So Grammarly claims to be The World’s Best Online Tool to check Grammar! Say whaaaaa?

As you type – in real time in safari – it will call out small errors such as you’re, your, yours or this, these. This is available through their free extension. Or you can type it all, and then use the web version of Grammarly, copy-paste and get all the corrections suggested within seconds.


There is also an option of syncing your Microsoft word. Which I have not tried since I don’t use Microsoft, but if it’s half as good as the online tool. You’re in for the win!


You can get the free session, which is very helpful as it is. It catches more things that word, google docs will do. But the premium version has so many more tools. Just wow! The best feature for me, especially during my thesis. Plagiarism check.


Summarized, the best things about Grammarly, to my own experience.

→ The safari plugin checks for anywhere you input, such as facebook, emails, or anything you do with safari.

→ Eliminates grammar mistakes

→ Provides different word choices

→ Checks on plagiarism

→ Automatically places my sources

→ Helps me to find where to put the commas

The only con I find, which is really not a big deal for me, is that this tool is online based. Meaning you need a connection to the internet. So if I were to need to write something offline, I’ll just wait until I have a connection to Grammarly it. At the end of the day, I can’t really do anything with my writing offline, I usually need it for a post, or create a pdf for school or something else.


Happy writing !!


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